Role of making Outline and Brainstorming in essay writing

  • Role of making Outline and Brainstorming in essay writing


A student can write a top-notch essay if he stays focused on the primary purpose of writing. Whether a student writes any type of essay or even makes notes in his journal, a student will be at its best if it follows all the basic rules and tips of writing.

Writing a rhetoric essay without making any grammatical or typo mistakes is not a tough job. He must know the art of presenting the content in a brilliant way. He must know how to weave truth in essay writing.

A few students consider cause and effect essay topics writing a daunting or tiresome task to perform. They consider an essay writing assignment a dreaded task to accomplish. 


Well, there are several reasons due to which they feel essay writing is a difficult task. Such students lack writing skills, don't have ample information or a firm grip on the topic due to which they fail to write up to the mark essays.

Such students always try to look for an essay writing service in order to complete their assigned essay writing task by their teachers before the deadline. It is highly recommended for such students to take an interest in writing as it is the last resort for them.

Students in all academic institutes cannot avoid compiling different types of essays. So, they must learn to write attractive, handy, and alluring essays.

It is also expedient to mention here that students have to give importance to some other factors also in order to write a top-notch essay. Those factors include:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Outline 

Let's have a look at the afore-mentioned factors one by one.

Critical thinking:

 There is a simple and straightforward question for all the readers out there. If you've strong writing skills, know the process of making research, know the art of structuring an essay but you don't understand the primary motif of the assigned topic, can you then express your thoughts according to the context of the topic? The straightaway answer is no.

So, it is important for students to focus on brainstorming before they begin essay writing. It is a process of thinking critically about the topic. With this, he finds out the actual meaning and the primary motif of writing an essay. It also assists a writer to lead towards writing a robust and rhetoric thesis statement.

Moreover, it doesn't only help a writer to find out the central idea of the essay topics but also help in arousal of relevant thoughts according to the topic. Those relevant thoughts lead a writer to write an essay in the right direction according to the topic.


 Making rhetoric and a well-organized outline is the utmost responsibility of all students. It is a time taking process but once a writer makes a splendid outline, he can write an extraordinarily amazing essay and can score a good score. 

Making a well-organized and managed outline is one of the most essential parts of essay writing. It is the roadmap for a writer as well as the reader of a whole essay.

Furthermore, it is a part of essay writing where a writer can add or remove any piece of information. Once a writer makes an amazing and organized outline, he never stops writing till the end.

Students have to learn the importance of creating a significant outline in essay writing,

It is necessary for students to write top-tier and convincing essays so that they can get good grades in exams. It can become possible only if the students give high importance to critical thinking and making a creative outline.



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